Top 5 Documentaries

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    • This Documentary is important for teenagers or for any age because it shows and motivates people to do what they want and follow any dream that they may have.
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    • The documentary called Sound and Fury is important because it gives a perspective on deaf families and what they have to go through that’s might be a challenge for them and not others that aren’t deaf.
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    • This documentary is called Blackfish, it is important for anyone of any age because it is important that we all know what these fish are going through, these killer whales aren’t supposed to be kept in captivity they are supposed to be free in the ocean.
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    •  Rich Hill is a documentary that is important because it gives an audience a view of children living through poverty without parent figures around in their lives.
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    • A documentary of ice glaciers is important because it reflects back on us and informs the audience watching that ice glaciers are melting due to climate change which also comes back on us for global warming

Senior Research Presentations

Overall all the presentations were all good and interesting but the one that caught my eye was the one about Area 51 title “Conspiracy Theories on Area 51” by Emily Czyz. It caught my eye because I did not know there were so many theories and stories about this situation. It really got me thinking about what to believe about this story or stories. I loved how she included pictures and maps of the place and she explained the images as she went along. I think her presentations was pretty good, she spoke loud and clear, she did a great job explaining all the different theories there are to be hear and told by others.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is located in south-western Uganda. It is the largest area in East Africa, It is a unique site to visit and enjoy. It is filled with mountain forest and it is greatly known for its biodiversity with different types of trees, and many types of birds and butterflies. With all great things being around at this park, there is also endangered species like mountain gorilla. It has lots of endemic butterflies  and a great mammalian in Africa. It is home to half of the world’s population of mountain gorillas. Its isolated forest is in a great biological surrounding.

Black History Month

My favorite black movie of all time as to The Help, the movie that reflects on the struggles blacks had to find and keep jobs to support their families as they took care of other families. This video can represent 1000 words because it is the most touching part of the film, where a maid has been fired and asked to leave. It can also represent the importance of blacks in white lives. This maid that has been working for this family for awhile is being forced to leave behind the most important part of her job. Basically raising a child that is not hers but she enjoyed it as if she were her daughter. The little girl has learned a lot from having this special maid around in her life, and the maid has taught her to say “You is kind, You is smart and you is important”. This scene from the movie is important because it shows how good black maids were all nothing but good to whites until they were uncomfortable and disrespected. This movie is a good example for Black History Month because it shows the good blacks were for those who did not get to see in them.

Play-Doh Creation

With Play-Doh, I  created a soccer ball. I made a soccer ball because soccer means a lot to me. Soccer is important to me because it’s a sport I feel comfortable and confident playing. Growing up I tried other sports that I liked but didn’t love. I tried softball and cheerleading for a while and got into soccer, once I learned the game I fell in love. I also  realized that I have found myself while playing soccer, I can be myself and not worry about what others think  of me.  Now with playing for the past 6 years I find myself  playing the sport I love 4 times a week and continuing  playing  for school. Some classmates of mine also created objects that mean the most to them and/or hobbies that  they enjoy doing. I saw other sport related objects and could only think of why a sport is so important to an  athlete. Rhetorical Situation played a part in my Play-Doh creation by how I explained to an audience of whoever might read my post and explained the importance of soccer to me.

Social Issues

My topic is about women in combat. The question is, “Should the military allow women to serve in combat rolls?”, my answer is yes they should because I believe in women doing anything they put themselves to do. People say yes but throw in only if women can pass the same physical test as men. I totally agree with the physical test and I believe that it should not be changed for anyone regardless of who they are and where they come from. Majority of people from Chicago believe that women should be allowed to serve in combat rolls, 91% voters say yes as for the remaining 9% of voters disagree. The 9% of voters that said no basically said that women are not “physically capable” as men are all capable for combat and that men are going into combat to help protect women from danger. I disagree with the 9% because combat does not suit all men and they handle it differently. I feel that women should be able to serve in combat rolls because they are capable for anything and if it is their dream, they should be able to follow that dream theirs. They should not be discouraged about following their dreams just because they aren’t physically capable to do so, as people say.

New Year

In this new year so far I have learned more about myself. I am a very patient person this understanding and responsible. I also am a determined and focused athlete that at time could be cheerful and happy but yet shy at times. I hope to have a great year and challenge myself to try new things.


Being thankful for everything and everyone in my life is a never ending thing and stays with me all year round. I am always going to be thankful for family, friends and every opportunity I get in life and of course I am just genuinely thankful to wake up everyday. I cherish my parents, they are the two most important people in my life and I would not trade them for the world! They give my siblings and I the world and they also continue to make us happy with anything! They have always put us first for everything and I am so lucky to have two best friends, supporters, and such great parents like them. I am grateful for my siblings, if I ever need anything, they are always my backbone whether it is just to talk to them or there is a family situation we all go through together and we all stick together as one!

Reflection on Health and Medicine Panel

As part of the Health and Medicine Academy at Joliet West, it was a great experience to be at this panel. I learned a lot about different field in the medical field.  I learned that Family Practice Physicians and Physician Assistants basically do the same thing and sometimes at the same time. They both work together to possibly better each and every patient they see everyday at work. I also learned how important Nurses are in the medical field. Family Practice Physicians basically do great because of the great nurses that work with. They too work together in the same fields because a doctor needs to find out what is wrong with a patient and nurses are there to help and make it easier for the doctor whether it be looking up family history or filling up prescriptions, they are always there! I wanted to be a nurse but I am looking into Radiology but I still want to fulfill my dreams and finding a career that best suits me in the medical field.

My Veterans

My family is very big, we all come together as one. In our big family we have 3 great Marines, 2 of them being my brothers and the other being my cousin. These 3 important men go by the name of SGT Carlos Hernandez, LCPL Terrance Brooks and LCPL Jorge Ulloa.  Carlos is my cousin, he has been stationed in many places, one being Japan. He is part of the Marine Expeditionary Forces which is where he’s on a quick response force team and travels the world on a boat. One brother of mine, Terrance was stationed in Hawaii for a while. He wasn’t deployed anywhere but he was part of the K9 group so he trained with bombs. My second brother Jorge is stationed home and is a Administrative Specialist so he works in a office on base. These 3 men mean the world to me and I am so thankful for their service!


Left to right: Cousin Carlos, Brother Jorge, Brother Terrance