Senior Presentations

Watching seniors present their presentations to an auditorium filled with other students showed how brave they are to get on stage and talk to others. If it were me I definitely would of been really nervous. One presentation that caught my attention and that was interesting was the one about Art Sensory. This presentation caught my eye because I feel that it is wrong for artist’s work to be overlooked all for someone feeling offended and look at the artwork in a way that it shouldn’t have been looked at. I do feel that some artwork may have meanings to them but it’s the artist’s way of expressing it would be more of a problem if someone were to verbally say something. Nothing really confused me about this presentation because I know there is always an opposing side to every story. Positives about this presentation were the presenter was loud, funny, and she knew how to backup her research with even more facts. I am not one to give the best advice to a presenter but just continue the way you have presented, look into the crowd a little more and try to get at least more practice in the night before if you know you won’t have time during school.


Trending Stories in Illinois

A recent trending story that caught my eye was A 16-year-old girl, a Wilmington, Del. High school student, was recently pronounced dead after a bathroom fight broke out. Everyone is talking about this story because it is crazy how one post on social media can cause a death. In everyone’s eyes, fighting over a boy is not worth taking someone’s life. Girls need to realize that the bulling needs to stop, deaths like this one are not acceptable at all in the state of Illinois. I do not know when it will all stop but I sure hope that it ends soon.

There are plenty of popular places to eat in America. One of many places is Buffalo Wild Wings or better known by teens as “Bdubs”. They have great wings enjoy with friends and watch games on the big screens. They also are known for having great deals. The most popular days are Tuesdays and Thursdays. Tuesday being “Traditional Tuesday” and Thursday being “Boneless Thursdays”. On those days wings are for 79 cents a piece. If you have not already ¬†been there, you should make plans soon and make a trip to the nearest Buffalo Wild Wing, you’re missing out!



60 Second Shakespeare Performance

Our performance of Act 1 of the play was about Duke Orsino laying eyes on Lady Olivia and trying to convince her that his love is real. We also acted out the beginning of Viola’s journey of becoming “Cesario”. The two main characters in the Act were Duke Orsino and Lady Olivia. I feel that this was an easy act to to put into a 60-second script because it was the beginning of the play and the readers were gathering important dialogue. The positives about working on this project with my group, we all agreed on what should have been acted out and what should be put into our script. One thing I feel my group could possibly work on his communication like if one isn’t here with the script, we each have our own copy because we had an issue just like that. Preparation for this was the obvious, we all studied our lines and didn’t forget what to do. PRACTICE DOES MAKE PERFECT! My performance was decent, it was definitely out of my comfort zone because I’m very shy to talk in front of the whole class. Given a choice whether to perform in the Little Theater or in the classroom was great because most of us would of loved to be given that option. But for most of us we aren’t actors nor are we very interested in an acting career. But with that being said, it was a great experience.