Black History Month

My favorite black movie of all time as to The Help, the movie that reflects on the struggles blacks had to find and keep jobs to support their families as they took care of other families. This video can represent 1000 words because it is the most touching part of the film, where a maid has been fired and asked to leave. It can also represent the importance of blacks in white lives. This maid that has been working for this family for awhile is being forced to leave behind the most important part of her job. Basically raising a child that is not hers but she enjoyed it as if she were her daughter. The little girl has learned a lot from having this special maid around in her life, and the maid has taught her to say “You is kind, You is smart and you is important”. This scene from the movie is important because it shows how good black maids were all nothing but good to whites until they were uncomfortable and disrespected. This movie is a good example for Black History Month because it shows the good blacks were for those who did not get to see in them.